Solfrid Raknes

13 – 18 YEARS

THE HAPPY HELPING HAND: A GAME FOR LIFE SKILLS Available in Arabic and Norwegian. Planned launched in English and French from the summer 2021.

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Learning through gaming is safe, fun and has the potential of improving access to psychosocial support! 

Through games and discussions about scenarios, the adolescent practices social and emotional skills by helping Nora to become more confident in giving presentations, helping Adam deal with difficulties at home, and talking to Mona, who struggles with suicidal thoughts and learns from Rami how to reduce post traumatic problems. Through the game, the adolescents will receive direct feedback on how they support friends and develop empathy for different young people in life's situations. At the same time, they learn a flexible problem-solving system that helps them solve their difficulties.

As a teacher or psychosocial worker, you get ready-made material to facilitate reflections, activities, discussions, and deep learning. You can also get anonymous statistics for your private group. The Helping Hand game creates a basis for good discussions and skills for life.

How to use The Helping Hand game

  1. Download the Helping Hand game on the devices you are going to use
  2. Download the teacher manual
  3. Choose one theme and the scenario in the app that goes with it, and let the students play!

Choose what scenario to start with, and make and introduction to the group/class about it. Then: Let the students play individually or in groups for 10 – 20 minutes. Then it is time to start discussions and activities to facilitate the students´ reflections about the how the scenario they have been playing is or can be relevant their lives. In the teacher's manual, you can read a summary of the scenarios and it provides you with suggested activities both individually, in smaller groups or full classrooms.

Brief about the game here

Download the Norwegian teacher manual here, and the Arabic teacher manual from the Arabic part of this webpage. The English version of the game and the English teacher manual will be available from June 2021. 



This game will change the way you think.

Boy 13 years, Lebanon


The game taught me how to help friends in various difficult circumstances and situations, such as bullying, suicidal thoughts, and family problems.

Boy 16 years, Norway


I will recommend it to all my friends!

Syrian girl, 13 years, Lebanon


Many teachers are not accustomed to talking to students about serious and emotional topics. Helping hands have made such conversations normal. I found that both teachers and students become more comfortable while working on it.

Mr. Moataz, Educational Manager in MultiAid Programs, Lebanon

We use The Helping Hand programs in all our schools. It is helpful for both students and teachers!

Gunnhild Kaldahl, Project Leader, Namsos, Norway

Watch the first responses on the Helping Hand game from Syrian adolescents in Lebanon here.

Watch the launch of the game from June 9th 2020, with the Norwegian Minister of International Development Dag Inge Ulstein, Dr. Fadi AlHalabi from MAPs, Dr Kamel Braham from The World Bank and many more here.

Read about user involvement in developing the game here

The gaming app is developed by Raknes in partnership with Gyldendal (publishing), Attensi (gaming technology), Multiaid Programs and the Syrian American Medical Association in Lebanon. The project is part of NORADs Vision 2030, funded by Innovation Norway. +47 416 17 343