Solfrid Raknes


Norwegian Clinical Psychologist, Researcher and Program Developer

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Dr. Raknes is the innovator behind The Helping Hand, a prize winning psychosocial material widely used in school health services, schools and kindergartens in Norway. Her material is translated into 8 languages.

Solfrid Raknes is an experienced cognitive therapist, supervisor and program developer. Since 2010 she has lectured extensively in all parts of the health- and school-system in Norway; more than 300 workshops for clinical psychologists, GPs, psychiatric nurses and teachers. In her PhD Dr. Raknes was focusing cognitive interventions targeted anxious adolescents. Her special interests are large scale implementation of cognitive behavioural programs to children and adolescents across cultural and economic devides.

Since 2017 Raknes has been working implementing and evaluating The Helping Hand in Lebanon and Norway. She is involved in a wide specter of humanitarian projects focused on reducing poverty and improving mental health.

Download CV here +47 416 17 343