Solfrid Raknes


Dr. Solfrid Raknes, June 3rd1972; e-mail:

Self-employed clinical psychologist and researcher

Key qualifications

Dedicated, enthusiastic, innovative, and efficient


Norwegian is my mother tongue, my English is fluent, and I can survive with my French (level B1). I also speak some Arabic, and Sámi language (B2).


Health promotion and prevention of mental health problems based on the cognitive behavioural model, socio-cultural perspectives of learning, technology enhanced learning


2020 2022  Implementing Helping Hand in Norway, Lebanon and US. 

2018 – 2020  Project leader in developing “The Happy Helping Hand App”, financed by Innovation Norway, Vision 2030. Collaborators: Gyldendal (Norway), Attensi (Norway), The Syrian American Medical Association, Lebanon and MultiAid Programs, Lebanon

2018 – 2020  Researcher at a project developing and evaluating a school based group program for anxious children in Baerum, financed by The Norwegian Health Directory

2017 – 2019  Project leader in developing and implementing The Helping Hand Program in Arabic. 

2014 – 2017  Researcher II, Uni Research Health, Bergen

2011 – 2013  Project leader for ”The Psychological First Aid Kit in Children´s House”, and ”Spreading and Evaluation of the Psychological First Aid Kit”, Uni Research Health, Bergen  

2007 – 2010  Project leader “Developing The Psychological First Aid Kit”, Voss, Norway

2001 – 2013  Clinical Psychologist, Voss Hospital

1999 – 2001  Clinical Psychologist, Sør-Trøndelag Psychiatric Hospital 


2014 – 2018  PhD-student, University of Bergen, Norway

2000 – 2004  Training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Supervision, The Norwegian        Associatiaon for Cognitive Therapy

1992 – 1999 Clinical study of Psychology, University of Tromsø               



2009 2022  Lectured extensively in all parts of the health- and school-system in Norway; more than 300 workshops for clinical psychologists, GPs, psychiatric nurses and teachers.

2017 – 2022  Workshops on The Helping Hands Programs for Arabic refugees in Lebanon and Syria, more than 100 health/scholl/PSS professionals are trained

2020 The Importance of Play for children in the times of crises. Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Fest, Forum 1

2017 Helping Hands – Happy Kids. Workshop, School of Social Work, University of Michigan, USA

2017 Lecture for The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs. “Edutainment: Entertainment in education”

2015 Evaluation of a Low Threshold, Brief Intervention for Traumatized Adolescents. 45th Annual EABCT Congress CBT: A Road to Hope and Compassion for People in Conflict, Israel

2014 Self-help Material for Children. The 4th International Conference for International Association of Muslim Psychologists, Jakarta, Indonesia

2014 Psychology to the people: A Norwegian Psychological First Aid Kit. The Eighth World Congress on the Promotion of Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, London, England

2014 Low-intesity for Youths who Dare. EABCT congress, Marracesh, Marocco.

2011 Psychological First Aid Kit as prevention: Low-threshold cognitive self-help approach for children, adolescents, and families. EABCT congress in Reykjavik, Iceland


Schuler, B.R. and Raknes, S. (2022), "Does group size and blending matter? Impact of a digital mental health game implemented with refugees in various settings", International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, 18, 83-94.

Townsend, D., Raknes, S., & Hammoud, M. (forthcoming, Oct 2022). Psychosocial support for Syrian refugee youth: Comparing delivery modes of a digital mental health game. In S. Moeschberger & L. Miller-Graff (Eds), Psychological Research on Violence Against Children: Towards Building Cultures of Peace. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Al-Khayat AM (2021): Digitalized Psychosocial Support in Education. Exploring the impact of the Happy Helping Hand app for displaced Syrian adolescents in Lebanon. Master’s thesis in International Education and Development Faculty of Education and International Studies Oslo Metropolitan University. 

Husabo E, Haugland BSM, McLeod BD, Baste V, Haaland ÅT, Bjaastad, JF, Hoffart A, Raknes S, Fjermestad KW, Rapee RM, Ogden T& Wergeland GJ (2021). Treatment Fidelity in Brief Versus Standard‑Length School‑Based Interventions for Youth with Anxiety. School Mental Health, Vol 3,

Raknes S (2020). The Happy Helping Hand used by Syrian displaced adolescents in Lebanon: a Pilot Study of Feasibility, Usefulness and Impact. White paper. 

Raknes S & Kolia, R (2020). Field Realities: Measuring the Impact of Psycho-social Support Services with Refugees and Internally Displaced Populations. 

Stavnem AV & Nicolaisen M (2020). Psykologisk Førstehjelp: En kvalitativ studie av implementeringen av forebyggende verktøy i skolehelsetjenesten i Tromsø kommune. Universitetet i Tromsø, Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet – institutt for psykologi. PSY-2901 Hovedoppgave, vår 2020

Husabo E, Haugland BSM, Wergeland GJ, Maeland S. Providers’ Experiences with Delivering School-Based Targeted Prevention for Adolescents with Anxiety Symptoms: A Qualitative Study. School Mental Health. 2020;12(4):757-70.

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Meland M (2018). Psychological First Aid used by school nurses – what importance could it have for students? A qualitative study based on school nurses`experiences in primary schools. Masterthesis. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. 

Raknes S (2018). Anxious Adolescents: Prevalence, Correlates, and Preventive Cognitive Behavioural Interventions. Dissertation for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD) at the University of Bergen. Here. 

Raknes, Pallesen, BjaastadWergeland, Hoffart, Dyregrov, Håland & Haugland (2017). Negative Life Events, Social Support and Self-Efficacy in Anxious Adolescents. Psychological Reports. doi:10.1177/0033294117699820">doi:10.1177/0033294117699820

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Haugland, Raknes, Haaland, Wergeland, Bjaastad, Baste, Himle, Rapee, & Hoffart, (2017). School-based cognitive behavioral interventions for anxious youth: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 18:100. doi:10.1186/s13063-017-1831-9">doi:10.1186/s13063-017-1831-9

Raknes, S. (2007). Åtferdseksperiment som metode i behandling av sosial fobi. Tidsskrift for norsk psykologforening, 2, 139-147.

Apps and digitalized learning programs

2022: Helping Hand, English and French

2020: Hjelpehånda for adolescents, Norwegian

2020: The app Happy Helping Handالید المسا ِعدة, for adolesvcents 13 - 17 years, Arabic

2014: Digitalized learning program for kids, Grønne tanker i Salaby, for children 4 - 8 years in Norwegian

2014: Glade Maur, app for children 4 - 8 years (Norwegian, Spanish, Sápmi, English and Arabic)

2013: Digitalized learning program, "Selvsnakk" for kids, teachers and parents.  


2022 Winner of Top Innovator award in UpLink - World Economic Forum Youth Mental Health Challenge for the Helping Hand app

2020 - 2022  Grant from Innovation Norway through NORAD´s vision 2030

2019  Nominated to "Citizen of the year, Bergen" (Årets Bergenser)

2019  Nominated to "Midsunding of the year, 2019"

2019  Nominated to "Romsdaling of the year, 2019"

2018 – 2020  Grant from Innovation Norway through NORAD´s vision 2030

2018  Nominated to “Romsdaling of the year, 2018”

2018 – 2019  Grant fromThe Norwegian Health Directory through collaboration with Bærum 

2016 – 2017  Personal Overseas Scholarship from The Norwegian Research Council

2014 – 2017  PhD grant from The Norwegian Research Council

2014 – 2015  Grant from Extrastiftelsen for developing mental health technology

2014  The app “Helping Hand” won second prize in Klin IKT

2014  Personal grant from Kavlifondet

2011 – 2013  Grant from The Norwegian Health Directory

2013 The Aasa Gruda Skard´s honor. The Norwegian Psychology Association 

2012 Health West´s and Bergen University Hospital´s prize for Innovation

2010 Grant from The Norwegian Associatiaon for Cognitive Therapy +47 416 17 343